• Audrey Downes and Vimala McClure provided the inspiration for my work teaching Infant Massage.

  • I teach trainings in Taiwan several times a year. Here we are learning the strokes.

  • Teaching in Kenya in January of 2012 with Suzanne Adamson. The training was sponsored by the Abha Light Foundation.

  • We end each training with a graduation ceremony. This one was in New York City and I trained with Michael Curtis.

  • I do in-house trainings for agencies that request them. I can gear the training to the specific needs of the staff people. These wonderful ladies will teach it to mothers whose children are enrolled in an Early Head Start home-based program.

  • I love teaching infant massage instructors. It brings joy to my life, to many of my students lives, and to the families they teach.

  • Parent-baby classes are a part of every training. When parents learn the massage from an internationally certified instructor, they will learn in a way that meets their needs as a family.

  • I enjoyed watching this Ghanaian mother and baby look with deep love at each other as they learned the massage.

  • At the Child Life Conference in Boston. Infant Massage is a wonderful way to help parents be involved in their child's care in the hospital, and to reduce stress for both parent and baby.

  • Infant massage provides a way for parents to connect with their baby, often providing a special moment they will remember for years.

  • I work with an international Circle of Trainers that meets together each year to support and improve our work. Here Linda Storm (USA) and Ute Laves (Germany) meet with me in Italy.

  • One of the advantages of a four-day training is that you have a chance to get to know the others in the group - and each training group has it's own unique flavor and friendships.

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